Dried Fish Gelatin

Dried Fish Gelatin can be used as a clarifying agent for wines & fruit juices, to create aesthetic sheen and extend shelf life of yogurts, to microencapsulate vitamins, flavors and antioxidants, to improve icing texture and structure in confectionary application, to extend shelf life of sushi and sushi rice, and to improve consistency in batter for frying. Fish Gelatin powder at a smaller mesh size also available.

Gelatin for biopharmaceutical use Gelatin in confectionery Raw material manufacturing Microencapsulation with gelatin Gelatin in the food industry Gelatin enzymes Gelatin for clarifying wine
Wild Caught
All Natural

Functional Characteristics & Regulatory

  • Organic Compliant and Non-GMO
  • Sustainable
  • NO risk for BSE/TSE
  • OU Kosher and IFANCA Halal
  • Prevention of syneresis and texturization
  • Delivers “melt in the mouth” sensation in desserts



  • Reduces water loss and water vapor permeability


  • Viscosity
  • Thickening
  • Setting & Melting Temperatures

Surface behavior

  • Film Formation
  • Emulsion Formation & Stabilization
  • Adhesion/cohesion
  • Protective Colloid Function